Monday, January 18, 2010

Gift Box - Effective Promotional Merchandise

Looking at the gifts again, he thinks, “may be I should make a visit there after all”. Sat, enjoying a clear sunny day in winter, David, a well known painter was wittily surprised with the gift box he had been given earlier that morning. They had been asking him to show case his work there for some time now. Whenever he came near the table, the whole day long, he could not stop smiling to see the gift box full of solicitous little things including a delicate glass paperweight, an electronic brainteaser, a little trinket box and his most wanted; chocolates. It was from the city’s art gallery, on which he was not very keen upon.

Corporate gifts are one such way to help put smile on the face of someone from your work life. It could be a valued employee, a helpful sponsor, or an important supplier. Business or Pleasure, the divide has started to become more and more thin these days, which is a good thing indeed as work need not be a chore anymore.

It could range from a simple award to a 10kt gold pen. If the outstanding performance was a team effort, then they all should be treated equally and similar gifts could be a good idea. A corporate gift could boost the confidence and would make them more motivated; thus working harder for your business. It is always a good idea to appreciate the hard work and dedication that an outstanding employee has made to your business. Like any other gift, a corporate gift should be suitable and befitting to the occasion and the person.

In these troubled times in the economy, it’s your hard work and salesmanship which help to keep you afloat. Different gifts serve for different purposes, so suitable gifts should be chosen. So the gifting of those people important to your business will enhance the relationship and help to secure firm foundations. Gifts for outside the organisation however, have a different role. These gifts enhance good will. The customer and the suppliers are both important to us. Showing your appreciation would definitely enhance their loyalty towards your business.

If it could have some functionality, it will stay for long and would make a long lasting impression. A corporate gift shows to the person how much you value them, so it must have a perceived value. Gifts should also be something thoughtful to show you actually care for the person. It should carry some aesthetic value to make the receiver feel cherished.

The choice of corporate gifts is very broad and depending upon the occasion you could try anything; it could be wine, confectionary, silverware, clocks, watches, leather goods, stationery, or wooden artifacts, writing instruments, or even promotional clothing.

Promotional clothes can also be used corporate gifts; the person will like them if they are useful as in the case of a fleece or a coat. The logo or message should be subtle enough to let the person use the item more frequently, but to still promote the company. The design, the art work, and the fonts, should be selected in view to match the companies branding strategy. There are many things which you could give as promotional gifts in the form of clothing, for example T - Shirts, Polo Shirts and Jackets, Fleeces or caps. The logo or message should be subtle enough to let the person use the item more frequently, but to still promote the company.

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